About Kokkenborg

We – Jens and Dorte Himmelstrup – have been pig producers since 1993, where we bought our first farm.

Kokkenborg was established in 2007 as a multiplication herd in newly built stables, which were extended in 2011 and 2019.

Kokkenborg owns an ultra-modern full-line plant in which the latest technology and equipment provide and optimum framwork for proucing healthy, strong and social LY- and YY gilts in an environment where animal welfare is given pride of place.

Kokkenborg has 2.350 pure breed Yorkshire multiplication sows, selling LY- and YY- gilts world wide.

Kokkenborg are Danish Genetics Partner.


Visiting Adresses:

Kokkenborg I: Pavegyden 1a - DK-5771 Stenstrup
Kokkenborg II: Assensvej 9, Kirkeby - DK-5771 Stenstrup

Postal address:

Assensvej 9, Kirkeby - DK-5771 Stenstrup

+45 23 71 81 15


+45 29 61 50 12