The key to a global pig breeding program lies in combining the global pork market trends, customers demand, and international genetic expertise and tools

Danish Pig Genetics’ breeding scheme and population has been optimized through a new breeding program optimization software tool

A clear understanding of the demands and the trends allows us to produce the animals of the future through our updated global breeding program

Danish Pig Genetics constantly perform market analyses via a direct approach to the market

Kokkenborg is proud to be Danish Genetic Partner

Danish Genetics Breeding Philosophy

The core focus at Danish Genetics is genetic improvement to increase customer profit. This is achieved by our breeding objective which focus on breeding for robustness, reproduction, mothering ability, efficiency, growth, and carcass quality. We aspire to develop superior genetics of highest value for each actor along the pork value chain.
In the breeding program, the aim is to balance selection such that we can secure sustainability in the future animal production landscape, and to achieve that, total farm efficiency (more output for less input) is essential.

Top health status

Healthy animals are essential for optimum breeding. Therefore, the health status and hygiene at all our professional business partners are extremely important. We take our responsibility very seriously and only sell healthy breeding animals in Denmark and the rest of the world.

All herds under Danish Genetics are approved SPF herds with a high health status, and all boars are PRRS-negative.

All boars at our artificial insemination (AI) stations come from PRRS-negative breeding herds and are subjected to blood tests before being taken to an AI station. In this way we ensure that our customers only receive semen from healthy and PRRS-negative boars.

The Danish SPF system was established in 1971 and is one of the world’s best health systems. There are fixed rules for protection against infection, health inspections and transport of pigs to herds. Our high health status is therefore backed up by experts, and our customers are guaranteed healthy breeding animals and semen from healthy boars.

SPF-Danmark and the Health Status Management (SPF-SUS) are jointly responsible for controlling the health status of all Danish herds. The herds are checked at least once a month by a veterinarian, and declarations of health status are available for all Danish herds.

Cutting edge genetic and genomic tools for increased accuracy in breeding values and index

In collaboration with geneticists in EGENES Danish Pig Genetics has developed novel statistical algorithms for translating the large-scale data collected on nucleus and multiplication units in Danish Pig Genetics into estimated breeding values for the traits of interest.

“Integrating large amount of DNA information with the on-farm data collected through Danish Genetics’ breeding activities requires a smart genomic tool. EGENES has developed a new system with funding from CIEL where this tool allows Danish Genetics data to be automatically retrieved, quality assured, preprocessed and then turned into genomic breeding values seamlessly” Prof. Mike Coffey Director of EGENES explains. “This provides state of the art genomic breeding values rapidly and regularly for Danish Genetics customers to benefit from the extensive recording in Danish Genetics’ breeding program.”

Optimizing breeding program and population for faster genetic progress

Danish Pig Genetics’ breeding scheme and population has been optimized through a new breeding program optimization software tool developed by Roslin Technologies Ltd in collaboration with The Roslin Institute.

The simulation software tool assists decision making for selection, breeding and genetic improvement activities. For example, the model can predict more precisely how much genetic progress will be made in the Danish Genetics pig population in next 2, 5 or 10 years, considering the merit of different traits in the population under selection as well as acceptable level of inbreeding.

A breeding objective framework, which allows for monitoring and modelling of the implication of changes in market revenue and cost streams provides us with the ability to update the economic weights and genetic trend forecasts. Optimized statistical genetic algorithms for higher accuracy breeding values makes the selection of elite animals more precise. Along with a decision support tool for optimization of the population and breeding program, we ensure the delivery of superior genetics to not only address the market demand but also drive the pork industry to new levels.

Roslin Technologies: a key player in the development of genetic technology…

… and at the forefront of the latest research, knowledge and expertise.

Sustainable protein production through genetic solutions

Roslin Technologies, based in Edinburgh, Scotland is our genetics business partner. They are a key player in the development of genetic technology and at the forefront of the latest research, knowledge and expertise. Roslin Technologies aim to create transformational scientific innovations to develop solutions for sustainable protein production, animal health, and future food supply. This includes within genetics, genome selection, pig breeding and biotechnology.

Roslin Technologies is a commercial company based at University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus and a joint venture between University of Edinburgh, Milltrust International, and JBI Equity. The company works closely with the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.


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