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and social young LY- and YY-gilts
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Supplier of healthy, strong and social young gilts

We take pride in supplying top quality

We employ 24 highly skilled and committed employees, who take pride in supplying our customers world-wide with top quality gilts that are healthy, strong and social.

We keep up-to-date with the development in the industry, so our production is optimised, and we are taking care of our animals in the best possible way.

Healthy, strong and social young gilts

The gilts from Kokkenborg are in top of health. Kokkenborg has SPF-SUS approval with the highest possible health status, Red SPF, and a very good Salmonella-index.

Agricultural Working Environment Award

In 2019, Kokkenborg won the Agricultural Working Environment Award.

We are proud of our skilled and committed employees who work every day to create a good environment for people and animals.

About Kokkenborg

In 1993 Jens and Dorte Himmelstrup started their first pigproduction.

Kokkenborg was established in 207 as a breeding heard in newly built stables, which were expanded in 2011 and 2019.

Kokkenborg has a state-of-the-art full-line system, where the latest technology and equipment ensure the optimal framework for the production of healthy, strong and social gilts with animal welfare in the forefront.

We are Danish Genetics Partner
A world-class breeding programme

Danish Pig Genetics’ breeding programme is world-class and developed in collaboration with leading geneticists from Roslin Technologies.

The breeding programme and the boar stations are PRRS negative.

Kokkenborg offers gilts with genetics of Danish Pig Genetics – a hybrid that is the market’s most ideal production sow for slaughter pig production, as far as efficiency and profitable production are concerned.

This is due to he hybrid sow’s low feed consumption, high growth rate, high degree of fertility, good parenting skills, long lifespan and high meat quality.
Get an insight into our everyday life at Kokkenborg
We have produced some small films, that show a little about everday life at Kokkenborg for both animals and humans

See the gilt’s path from newborn until we deliver it to our customers

Employees at Kokkenborg talk about their working life – in Danish
Students talt about being in education at Kokkenborg – in Danish


Visiting Adresses:

Kokkenborg I: Pavegyden 1a - DK-5771 Stenstrup
Kokkenborg II: Assensvej 9, Kirkeby - DK-5771 Stenstrup

Postal address:

Assensvej 9, Kirkeby - DK-5771 Stenstrup

+45 23 71 81 15

+45 29 61 50 12